2nd Fermentation; Customizing Your Kombucha

Kombucha is a raw, live food.

Cooling the drink slows the process of fermentation WAY down, but it doesn’t stop.

Did you know that you can control the flavor of our kombuchas by drinking sooner or later?  Did you know the flavors change with time? You can and they do.

When Susan and I bottle flavored kombucha for 2nd fermentation, we have determined we like the flavors Hey Boo and SuziQ with a shorter 2nd fermentation.  In summer it could be as short as 4 days, but this time of year 7.  We recently tried a Hey Boo we had set aside for 2 weeks.  It was must more tart and fizzy, and less ‘blueberry + honey’ — so we like it shorter in the cycle.

On the other hand, Just Peachy is a flavor we think gets better with time.  At least a week, maybe ten days.  The peach flavor becomes more intense after a little longer.

The same with OMGinger.  This is a really intense flavor profile, but we have noticed it becomes almost like a strong ginger beer if given a week to 10 days.

This is why we started putting a date of bottling on — you can actually do ‘sip tests’ — open, take a small taste — if you want more tart and less sweet, more fizzy, close it back up, and give it a few days.  Or, if like us, you’re just curious, then feel free to play!



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