Susie Q – A delicious, light, balanced, sparkly strawberry & lemon infused kombucha.  Share this one with your bestie, or anyone you want as your bestie.

Black & Blue – You know that new kid who comes to town and has all the right stuff and becomes super popular?  Yes, that’s what this flavor is like.  It’s got organic blackberry juice and added E3 Blue Green Algae.  Seriously tho — delicious.

Hey Boo — A blueberry + local honey flavored Kombucha… rich deep blue color, honey overtones are noteworthy, plus it is the favorite food of unicorns.

Cherry — As always organic, this time a cherry juice flavored kombucha.  We toyed with the idea of ‘Cheri Amour’, but this was clear.

Boost — Short for immune booster — flavored with lemon / ginger / echinacea… a light, less sweet more tart booch.

OMG — This is one of our most intense flavors and if you let it 2nd ferment longer it ends up tasting like the best ginger beer ever, except — kombucha, so it’s loaded with probiotics, enzymes and good live stuff!  OMG doesn’t ask for your approval; it raises your vibration.

Grape – Organic concord grape

Pom-Pom —  Organic Pomegranate

Russtafaria — Ginger and Pineapple and shut yo mouth!

There are a variety of other flavors that can pop up from time to time, check the cooler at Hot Yoga Kennesaw or Balance Yoga Atlanta for delicious surprises.

Juices and Smoothies

The juices and smoothies we offer are chakra balancing in nature.  In eastern and in Vedic studies there exist many chakras or energy centers in various places but we are today concerned with the Nadi or central channel. Our connection energetically from the center or core of the earth out into the universe. Nadi Shodhana.

It is said that our chakras can be balanced simply by directing our attention and our intention to them. It is further said that certain harmonic frequencies can help to balance each of these chakras.  Furthermore there are colors associated with the chakras and balancing can also come from the use of color.

It’s not imperative that your chakras be imbalanced to use these juices.  We believe you can just drink what you desire, but if you feel an imbalance, you can also address that by focusing on one of these juices.

IMPORTANT — Our recipes will vary slightly based upon what fresh locally sourced organic produce is available.  Also, each chakra can be done as a smoothie or a juice, future updates will list ingredients for both.

  • Muladhara Red Juice: Beet, Pear, Apple
  • Swadisthana Orange Juice: Carrot, Green Apple, Ginger
  • Manipura Yellow Elixir: Turmeric, Ginger, Cayenne, Honey  (a very intense 4 oz bottle: high pranic content)
  • Anahata Green Juice: Celery, Wheatgrass shot, Zucchini, Green Apple.
  • Visshuddha Blue Smoothie:  Blueberry, Banana, Almond Milk
  • Ajna Indigo Smoothie: Blueberry, Blackberry, Avocado, Alkaline Water
  • Sahasrara Violet : Smoothie: Acai, Banana,  Alkaline Water,

These recipes may vary based upon what is fresh, in season, local and organic… But the intention will always be to restore balance to the chakras.

We recommend ALWAYS chanting the Bija Mantras prior to consuming
The Bija Mantras

 Adore T-Shirts

Coming soon!  Logo wear T-shirts and tanks in sleeveless tanks and T’s in a variety of muted chakra tones.