Summer Flavors and a New Feature!!!

Thanks to our website designer Tom, we now have a new feature!!!  If you scroll down on our front page there’s a contact form (not new) and ‘Find Adore Here’ link, plus a map!  Click on either and a new page opens showing you EXACTLY where you can pick up COLD, FRESH Adore Kombucha and Juice, although truthfully we make our juices on demand because we don’t want them sitting around for more than 72 hours.  (Exception being the Manipura Elixir which is quite stable)

Also, not on our menu are some summery season kombuchas… Mint+Lime, Ginger+Lemon, Watermelon+Lemon and a Ginger+Lime… they’re light and fizzy and when they’re ice cold they are not only health-filled and high prana, but also delicious.

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